Graffiti Abatement Program (GAP)

Keeping Our City Beautiful

The City of Pasco has initiated the Graffiti Abatement Program (GAP) to help local business owners and residents in the removal of graffiti from their property. To access GAP:

  • Call the Police Department at (509) 545-3481 to request that a report be taken, at which time the officer will advise you of the program.
  • Call the Graffiti Hotline at (509) 544-3090 to leave a message to report the incident and request assistance.
  • Online - Report gang, drug, or graffiti activity.

How the Program Works

The program provides labor and materials to remove the graffiti with labor being provided by defendants ordered to perform work crew hours as a condition of sentencing. In all cases the property owner must sign a release/waiver authorizing the removal by GAP. The work crew is supervised by an employee of the Municipal Court who oversees the removal process and manages the program.

GAP provides a limited selection of material with three basic colors of paint: white, blue, and tan. If the owner wishes to match the new paint with the original building color, they must provide the necessary paint or other materials for the work crew to use.

Program Benefits

Studies show the necessity of the immediate removal of graffiti since removing it quickly can reduce your odds of continued incidents. To reduce further vandalism risk, we recommend that the graffiti be removed by restoring the original appearance of the building or structure as soon as possible.