The Pasco Fire Department Operations Division maintains a paid staff of 49 career firefighters and is comprised of three shifts that work an alternating schedule of 24 hour shifts.  The Operations Division is comprised of:
  • 4 Battalion Chiefs
  • 6 Captains 
  • 3 Paramedic Captains
  • 1 Lieutenant/Paramedics 
  • 2 Lieutenants
  • 18 Firefighter/Paramedics
  • 18 firefighters
The Operations Division within the Pasco Fire Department is responsible for emergency medical services, fire suppression, mitigation of disasters, and rescue activities.  Specialized units within the Operations Division include the Hazardous Materials Response Team, Technical Rescue Team,  and ARFF (Aircraft Rescue Firefighting) duties at the Tri-Cities Airport.

Pasco Fire Department provides many services to the citizens of Pasco. These include, but are not limited to:
  • A HazMat Response Team
  • A Technical Rescue Team
  • Provide emergency medical services
  • Fire investigations of suspicious fires
  • Managing a fire safety self inspection program for business
  • Participating in local festivals in Pasco to educate the public about fire safety 
  • Juvenile Fire Setters program 
  • Providing standby for medical aid during local sporting events
  • Providing standby for the Pasco Police Department 
  • Teaching school-aged children fire safety with the Life Safety House at every elementary school within the city