Prior Bid Information

If you would like to view bid tabs for prior projects over the past six months, please click on a project title listed below.

Prior Projects (Bid Tab Information) Bid Date
 2017 Trail Rehabilitation Project  09-26-17
 Butterfield Water Treatment Plant PLC and Controls Upgrade  09-13-17
 Traffic Signal Improvements - City Wide Phase 1  04-11-17
 N. 20th Avenue Safety Improvements  3-1-17
 Columbia Water Supply 12-7-16
2016 Sewer Re-Lining  11-17-16 
 2016 Sewer Line Repairs 11-8-16
 Road 38 Stormwater Retrofit 11-3-16
 Butterfield WTP 24in Valve Replace 10-27-16
 Butterfield WTP Sludge Drying Bed 10-27-16
Well Replacement - Village at Pasco Heights 9-29-16
Midland Lane Extension 9-13-16
Kahlotus Lift Station Force Main Pipe 5-6-16