City Offices & Filing

The Pasco City Council is comprised of 7 elected officials, each serving 4 year terms. The City of Pasco operates under the "Council-Manager" plan of government, per the Revised Code of Washington Chapter 35.18. Under the Council-Manager plan of city government, the councilmembers are the elected officials of the City, who then in turn appoint and oversee the City Manager.

5 Councilmembers each represent a district; 2 Councilmembers are "at large". You can view City District maps here.

Election Details

Municipal elections are open and nonpartisan (candidates’ political parties do not appear on the ballot). You must be a properly registered voter within the City of Pasco to vote in a municipal election, and you may vote regardless of your party affiliation.

Pasco City Charter provides that if, in the primary City election, 1 candidate for an office receives more than a majority of votes cast, they are declared elected and no general City election is held. If no candidate for that office receives a majority of votes, the names of the 2 candidates receiving the highest number of votes are placed on the ballot for the general City election. Therefore, your primary election vote is very important!

Filing Fee
The fee is 1% of the annual salary. If there is an annual salary of less than $1,000 the filing fee is $10. For precinct committee officers the filing fee is 1 dollar.

To File
Franklin County handles the municipal elections for the City of Pasco. To file, please contact the:
Franklin County Elections Department
1016 N. Fourth Ave.
Pasco, WA 99301
Ph: (509) 545-3538