Free Conservation Products Available to City of Pasco Water Customers:
City of Pasco has an assistance program designed to encourage maximum water efficiency in local homes. A recent utility bill and a valid driver's license can establish residency. The following items are available, free of charge, to any Pasco water customer:
  • Efficiency Maximizing Showerheads-Adjustable spray and pressure and responsive flow control.
  • Toilet Tank Banks-Saves nearly 1 gallon of water every time you flush.
  • Spray Swivel Aerators for kitchen sinks-Maximize spray and save energy.
  • Leak Detection Tablets-Help pinpoint leaks in toilet tanks.
  • Faucet Aerators-Control flow to maximize efficiency.
The above items are in limited supply and can be picked up at: 

City Hall Customer Service Department at 525 N. 3rd Avenue

Call 545-3488 (City Hall) for additional information.

*For water quality concerns or for more information on the WTP, please call 509-545-3469.