Downtown Revitalization/Revitalización del Centro

The City has been working to create a more welcoming and friendly downtown for residents and visitors for day-to-day commerce and leisure, and for community activities and festivals. The revitalization of Downtown Pasco will provide a unique destination for local residents as well as regional visitors. The City has been working with downtown business owners, residents, and consultants to identify the design opportunities and outstanding issues for the proposed improvement area.

The City is focusing on a 4 block core area, around 4th and Lewis, which is the heart of the downtown, to kick-start the revitalization effort and set the standard for all future downtown improvements.  The slideshow below highlights some of the changes.

Improvements within the core area could include:
  • Peanuts Park
  • Farmers Market
  • Creating a Festival Street on 4th Avenue between Lewis & Columbia
  • Creating a gateway intersection at 4th & Lewis
  • Street improvements to Clark, Lewis & Columbia between 3rd and 5th, including 3rd, 4th & 5th 
What would you like to see and do in downtown Pasco? How would you like the area to develop? What amenities do you wish were in the area? The City has begun a process to solicit comments and engage the community in discussion about future development/revitalization of the downtown core. The City’s booth at the downtown Cinco de Mayo celebrations in 2015 and 2016 included boards (in English and Spanish) to get feedback on what the public feels is needed downtown and what could be possible. You can be part of the effort too by providing your feedback! 

Click here to provide your feedback!

For more information, please contact the City's Community & Economic Development Office at (509) 545-3441. 

Cinco de Mayo Booth

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