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Posted on: March 13, 2018

City of Pasco Inclusivity Commission Applications


The Pasco City Council is seeking interested community members to apply for the City’s new Inclusivity Commission. 

On February 20, the City Council approved a resolution reinforcing the City’s commitment to being an Inclusive City and creating a community Inclusivity Commission. The resolution declares the City as “…committed to embracing diversity and promoting equality among our workforce, residents, businesses and visitors…” 

The resolution further provides for a seven member ad-hoc commission to assist the Council in its efforts to promote inclusivity in Pasco. The Commission is charged to “conduct activities… identify means… and make such recommendations to the City Council for action, education and guidance to foster an environment that includes, accepts, respects, and appreciates all members of our community.” 

The members of the Inclusivity Commission will be appointed by Mayor Matt Watkins with confirmation by the City Council. The Commission is to have an ad-hoc term of 24 months which can be extended by vote of the Council. Commission members must be residents who have lived within the Pasco City limits for at least one year, or who currently own a licensed business operating within the City.

Individuals interested in serving on the Commission, which is scheduled to meet monthly at a time/day to be determined, are encouraged to apply. To apply online, please follow this link. Applications are also available through the City Manager’s office by calling (509) 545-3404. Applications are due by May 4. 

The full City Council discussion on the Resolution from February 20 can be viewed via Pasco City Television's Video-On-Demand site here.

“I think this gives validity to every voice in Pasco,” said Councilmember Blanche Barajas at the February 20 meeting. “It empowers people to now step forward and feel they’re part of a community.” 

The City of Pasco strives to continue improving the quality of community life in Pasco.

Online Inclusivity Commission Application
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