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Posted on: March 19, 2018

Pasco rated as one of the “50 Most Popular Mid-Size Cities To Relocate”

Pasco was recently recognized as the 11th most “popular mid-size city to relocate” in the nation by

The site analyzed data from 2017 to find which mid-size cities (populations between 50,000 and 100,000) were searched for the most as relocation destinations. Pasco, along with being number 11 in the nation, was the most popular mid-size city in the state as a destination.

Pasco Mayor Matt Watkins said of the high rating that “…those already here know why Pasco is a great place to live. Moving to a community that you don’t know has to be daunting, but I think many of the reasons people continue to call Pasco home are similar to why they chose to make it their home: the opportunities that come with a favorable economic climate, mid-to-high-quality affordable housing, an amazing natural environment, great schools and post-secondary educational opportunities, and a culturally diverse community that is tightly knit and knows how to work through issues.” The full list can be found via the link below. is a moving assistance web site that provides tools for people relocating. 

The City of Pasco strives to continue improving the quality of community life in Pasco.

50 Most Popular Mid-Size Cities To Relocate
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